Former British Footballers Who Decided to Play Poker


Surely, those who are familiar with the game understand the thrill that comes with playing live poker. Prestigious events in exotic locations can be a fantastic experience. And they’re all the more enjoyable if a money prize awaits the winners. These former British football players have tasted the fun.

Ian Bishop

Ian Bishop was collecting his career points mostly at West Ham United from 1989 to 1998, which happened between a relatively uneventful, two-episode spell at Manchester City. He currently serves as a head coach for Evergreen FC, an American club from Virginia that is competing in USL League Two. High life in the United States finally led him to prestigious poker events and catching the card game bug. He hasn’t been able to make a real impact in
any major tournament, though.

Teddy Sheringham

Undoubtedly, the most recognizable individual here mostly credited for his memorable performances at Tottenham and Manchester United. But after all those fantastic years, came the time to do something else. It seems like Sheringham has two passions: football and playing cards. That is why he tried them both: first playing then coaching and poker. He played everywhere from Las Vegas to Monaco, with some mixed results and decent skill that allowed him to net $329,475 in live tournaments. However, due to his coaching endeavors, he hasn’t made an appearance at a major poker event for a few years.

Tony Cascarino

It’s often said that patience is the key to poker or at least a crucial part on a path to master it, and you would think that’s not exactly a trait of a football player. However, Tony Cascarino, a former teammate of Sheringham’s, certainly proves otherwise. The Irishman began his semi- professional poker career after retiring from football. You can say that former Chelsea striker is quite successful in his new profession. With a total of $595,810 accumulated in live tournament prizes, he holds a 39 th position on the Ireland all-time money list of highest earners in this industry.

Steve Watts

The former Leyton Orient striker is a well-known figure in the poker community. As far as money goes, he holds a higher record of live events poker earnings than other players presented here. Having won $849,671 overall, Watts just may be one of the most successful British ex-footballers in this business. His best result so far was 59 th place in a renowned World Series of Poker Main Event, which resulted in a lovely prize of $123,597. He also holds a World Poker Tour title from 2014.

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