Why Bayern Munich are Dominating the Bundesliga

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There is no doubt that Bayern Munich are the dominant side in the Bundesliga at the moment. They are the champions of the 2019/2020 season, which means that they have won the title for eight consecutive seasons.

But how have they won the title for eight years in a row, yet there are other good teams in the league such as Borussia Dortmund? The success can be attributed to three things.

Maintaining the Best Squad

Bayern Munich do not sell their best players, as most clubs do at the end of the season. The management prevents this from happening in several ways.

First, it sets a high price for each of the players, which is usually part of the contract. The practice discourages interested buyers since they have to spend more if they are to lure a player away from the Allianz Arena.

Secondly, the management offer players the best deals that include lucrative pay and bonuses. This prevents them from moving to other clubs for money.

Third, the management focuses on renewing contracts for the best players several years before they expire. Thus, star players end up committing their future with the club early on, which allows them to concentrate on performance.

The practices help the club maintain the best team, which has contributed significantly to the exciting results each week. The consistent performances have benefited punter who bets on Bayern to win. You can also become a winner by betting for the team using the no deposit bonus for online casino.

Poaching Best players from Rivals

Bayern Munich has a habit of stealing the best players from rivals. In the past decade, the club has acquired Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski from their fiercest rival, Borussia Dortmund. Gotze was bought, while Lewandowski joined for free after refusing to renew his contract with Dortmund.

Poaching for players from rivals benefits Bayern in two ways. First, it strengthens the squad, giving the manager options in all positions. As a result, the team rarely suffers even with injuries in the middle of the season.

Secondly, the practice weakens their opponents who have to find a replacement for the best player they have lost to Bayern Munich. Thus, Bayern remains competitive throughout, while its rivals are rebuilding the team.

Firing Underperforming Managers

Bayern is quick to fire underperforming managers, unlike most clubs that choose to wait for much longer. In the last decade, it has hired eight different managers. Based on the information, it is clear that many of them worked with the club for just one season before they were sacked for poor performance.

The practice of firing underperforming managers has helped the club remain on top, and hence the dominance.

To conclude, Bayern Munich are the dominant side in the Bundesliga. They have won the title for eight consecutive seasons. This means that they win almost every match they play. You can benefit from the consistent performance by taking advantage of the no deposit bonus for online casino, and betting on the team to win.

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