Where is Cobi Jones Now?

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Cobi Jones is an iconic player thanks to his dreadlock look and long career in Major League Soccer. After impressing coaches and scouts at the 1994 World Cup with the United States, Jones earned a contract with Premier League side Coventry City. Jones was one of several American players to gain moves to Europe and play professional football for the first time ever. The Premier League returns with a bang on June 17 as Manchester City host Arsenal. Supporters are debating which team will win the fixture and fans can use this 1xbet offer to wager on the team they predict will win the match.

Prior to signing with Coventry City, Jones had signed an exclusive contract with US Soccer following his time playing collegiately at UCLA. Jones starred for the USA at the World Cup and despite being “pint-sized” compared to his Premier League contemporaries, made an impact early on.

From America to Brazil and back

Due to Jones’ play at the World Cup, expectations were incredibly high and made even higher thanks to the club shop selling ‘Cobi Jones’ t-shirts. His debut was a success as he earned a match-winning penalty against Leeds United in the Premier League. Leeds United are nearing promotion back to the Premier League but have a difficult run of matches coming up. Supporters are preparing for the team’s match versus Cardiff City and can use these lottery codes to get a bet bonus before wagering on the club they predict will win.

While Jones started well, some fans were disappointed. In fact, some lamented the signing of Jones when fellow American Alexi Lalas was the player they actually wanted. Despite showing some good performances, Jones was too hot and cold for the club and left after one season. Although a vital member of the US soccer team, Jones – like other Americans that moved abroad in the 1990s – couldn’t get up to the level of play in Europe. Part of the reason was due to the high level of training players go through each week and the incredibly critical eye that hangs over footballers on the continent.

Having had his contract not renewed at Coventry City, Jones was offered a deal with Brazilian side Vasco da Gama. If his move to Coventry City surprised fans, then joining Vasco da Gama was a shock. But Jones was like all American players who had competed on the ‘94 World Cup team. They were rock stars who came from a country without a professional league. Teams from Europe and South America had little idea what the Yanks could offer. In addition, they were cheap players to sign. Transfer fees weren’t needed and having not made large amounts of money in the sport previously, they were ready to sign contracts just to play.

Jones rarely played in Brazil but the deal was seen as a partnership between the parties. The player would get to wear a famous Brazilian shirt while Vasco da Gama would market itself in the USA. Jones struggled to adapt to the play in Brazilian and appeared in just four games. He did manage one goal during that campaign.

With Major League Soccer finally kicking off its inaugural season, Jones signed with LA Galaxy and became the face of the club. He spent 12 seasons with the Galaxy becoming one of the USA’s most iconic players, though forgotten now by a generation fans that have grown up since Jones broke onto the scene in 1994.

Jones won two MLS Cups and two US Open Cups while playing 306 career games for LA. He scored 70 goals during his time with the club. After retiring, Jones worked as the Galaxy’s interim head coach before becoming the team’s assistant coach from 2008 to 2010.

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