Top Facts about Chelsea’s New Signing Timo Werner

There is no doubt that Werner is a prolific striker and he has proven himself on different occasions. It was just a matter of time before he attracted the top Premier League teams. Now he is at the West side of London joining Chelsea Football Club.

Some of the Chelsea fans might not be aware who this player is maybe it’s because they spend too much playing online casino games and win with johnnykash online casino. However, it is a pity that he has come this far without having a good publicity. Nevertheless, it is always better late than never, and we reckon Timo will have the Chelsea fan base excited once he hits the ground running.

The signing of Timo Werner by Chelsea is not surprising to most football pundits. Talk about big pimpin and spendin cheese, we all know how it goes at Chelsea. Well, without further ado, let’s take a fleet look on Timo Werner. Some of the facts you didn’t know about the player.

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Timo Werner Won the Confederation Cup as Germany’s Main Striker

We might have never heard much about Timo but he was the main man when German lifted the Confederation Cup in 2017. This is the tourney that German fielded a very young squad that led to some tongues wagging.

Timo Werner scored three goals and the most crucial one came during the semi-finals. Winning silverware with the national team was some sort of a silver lining for Werner. Joining Chelsea is one of the results of his performances that came through his hard work. At the same time, we
can’t brush off his displays during the Confederation Cup in 2017 as well as the recent ones at RB Leipzig. Did you know that you can place your bet on your favourite team at and stand a chance to win big.

Werner Wanted to Play for Manchester United

Even though he has completed a move to Chelsea. It is clear that he has ambitions to play in the Premier League. And his desired team was Manchester United. He mentioned his desires to play for the Red Devils during an interview. Now that he is in the Premier League, maybe we
might see him heading towards the North-West and join the Red Devils. He is still a young player and he has all the time to explore and play for the big teams in football history.

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