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Before the likes of Neymar and Bale entered the world of football, before the battle between Ronaldo and Messi as the greatest players of all time to play on the field, before Ronaldinho and Zidane showed us what class and talent meant, there were the stars of the past that paved the way of the game and with them laying the foundations down, it brought us the football we all see and love today.

From Pelé to Maradona and Cantona to Keegan, these superstars face impressive returns on their screens, albeit in a completely different avatar. Shoot! is a fantastic classic Microgaming slot machine with a football theme that will take centre stage, at least in the books of millions of football fans around the world.

The magic is real

When it comes to harnessing new ideas, exploring new features, and pushing the limits of what is possible, no developer agrees with the diversity and intentions than that of Microgaming.

The golden days of football and international teams, as many students would like to point out, were the 80s and 90s. Here, Shoot is trying to reach us with one click. Whether we like it or not, when you finish spinning (and possibly winning) these reels, you will leave a lucky player who has found a game worth testing.

Time to score a win

Football is loved unconditionally all over the world (more or less). No other sport can be proud of the passion and fanaticism of football. With Shoot!, Microgaming tried to direct this energy towards something completely different: a fun game in which the rules of nostalgia and old battles are

According to the theme of this sport, Microgaming has adopted the classic style of 5-reel and 50 paylines. As many readers know, the reel-to-payline ratio of 0.1 is very good as it offers many combinations that can balance bets.

There is no substitute

The summary of the slot contains much more than the arrangement of regular symbols. With the solitary and wild slot symbols, the game logo, you can make combos fairly easily. Five unique wild cards in each row generate a simple jackpot of $20,000 based on a minimum wager.

Microgaming has provided a scatter symbol here (a strange symbol with the word “bonus”). At least three scatters on the screen activate a bonus round in which you can play the classic game of football triumph and win fantastic cash prizes.

The best part of the bonus round is that it can be combined with the base game if desired, or simply played in isolation (as is more common). This way you can maintain your basic income without risking anything in the bonus round.

Let’s say that shooting is already appreciated by football fans across Europe. Polish casinos consider it extremely popular despite the absence of a historic player represented! To register for a site containing this game in Poland, you can find more information here at

Shoot for the stars

Football stars like Pelé and Maradona are often seen as bigger than the game itself, sometimes even like life itself. It goes without saying that Microgaming has made these stars the faces of regular symbols in this slot. Seeing how these legends shine on the screen and combining them to get rich is, to say the least, a surreal feeling.

Betting here is fairly straightforward, but you still need to get your ace in the room as managing 50 paylines can be difficult.

We understand that this is not much, especially for those who really want to milk the slot machines to fill their bank accounts. But again, the slot machines are primarily meant to help you have fun, and Shoot does this acid test very well.

The end of the network

If you are in the common region of the Venn diagram “football fanatic” and “slot machine fanatic”, Shoot! will immediately satisfy you. The eye-catching graphics, free from over-simplification and excessive CGI witchcraft, provide a decent viewing experience, while the right payout percentage
means you won’t be playing sweet stuff after all.

A $20,000 jackpot is also available with the best slot machines available today. The $100 per spin limit can scare slots, but otherwise very few sports-themed slots can be as fun as filming, and that makes us active.

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