Betting on Football – Strategies you Need to Know

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The main thing on football fans’ mind is to see their various football clubs defeating their rivals whenever they clash. The joy, the excitement, the pain, the passion, the longing, etc. are the basic emotions supporters of football feel whenever their team is on the football pitch. But can all these emotions be exchanged for income? Can the football fans’ knowledge turn into income for them? The answer is definitely “Yes.” This is also what we know and it’s rampant these days as several punters have been betting on football

Although the in-depth knowledge of a football fan is great, this might not have much of an effect when betting on football. Nothing can be certain when it comes to football, we’ve seen a relegation-threatened club defeat a reigning champion and just on Wednesday, we saw Arsenal, formerly 10th on the Premier League table beat newly-crowned champions Liverpool in a 2-1 victory. To reduce the risk, it is very important to have a good strategy ahead when you are betting on football. 

Matched Betting 

This is widely known as beginners’ bet as it first and best option available to punters opening their betting career because it is risk-free. In this type of betting, you make use of free bets and incentives being offered by online bookmarkers. It is also known as double betting because you will need to place a back bet and a lay bet so you’ll be able to win no matter what. 

For example, in a matched betting on football, an Arsenal fan can first place a back bet that his team will win against Liverpool and also a lay bet that won’t, which was most likely to happen but didn’t. So, if the Gunners drew the match, the lay bet wins. In the next round, the fan places the same bet and this time wins a profit based on the winnings used from the last round to continue the match betting run. Several punters have little trust in Matched betting because it is still new in the market and its slowly gaining popularity with many people realizing its potential. 

Over/Under Betting 

One of the most popular betting strategies on football is the over/under betting. This is a type of betting, that see you predict whether a match final result will be over or under an expected scoreline. The most popular goal margin a bookmarker often set is 2.5 goals, which means that if there two or fewer goals scored in a single match, it would be under 2.5, and if there happen to be three or more goals in the net, then it will be over 2.5. In this case, punters don’t need to predict the exact scoreline the match will end in, just only if the goals will be over or under. 

Using Handicaps 

Third, the strategy for betting on football is the Asian Handicap betting method where a goal handicap is handed to the stronger team (or the team most likely to win) so they have to score a certain amount of goals to win the bet. This makes the betting interesting and the odds are said to
be explosive and tricky. 

There is also the double handicap, similar to matched betting, where half of the bet goes to the first team to win, lose or draw by a fixed amount of goals and the other half goes to the second team. If the outcome is a draw, the stake can be refunded. There is also the one called European Handicap, but this one allows for a draw in the match so it is highly likely to lose the bet. 

Betting on football can be unpredictable at times, that’s why it is reasonable to understand the risk and try researching various strategies to know the one best suited for you. Remember, betting on football with all these strategies doesn’t mean you’ll have a 100%-win rate at all times.

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