Best Soccer Player Pairs

Soccer has always been a game that is all about team work. And in all teams that have several members there will always be that outstanding player pair that just manage to stand out and get things done. That is why today we want to look at some of most outstanding soccer pairs that made history for both their nations and their teams.

Most Outstanding Soccer Pairs

Puskas and Di Stefano

This was a soccer pair that made the crowds scream for two different reasons. The first was that their fans were screaming for joy and the second was their rival team fans were screaming in bewilderment. Did you know in football you can place a bet on your favourite player or play football
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They were a forward pair that dominated Europe during the time that they played for Real Madrid. And in the European Cup final of 1960, they beat Eintracht Frankfurt 7 -3. Puskas scored 4 and Di Stefano 3.

Kubala and Suarez

This was another pair that always managed to get the job done. On the pitch they were inseparable and during their time of play in the 1960’s they maned to win cups and leagues. However, they could never get through Real Madrid especially if the forwards Puskas and Di Stefano were there.

Pele and Garrincha

This was a pair that seemed to have magic in their feet. We say this because whenever this pair played for Brazil their team never lost. Moreover, they managed to win the World Cup in 1958 and 1962. We think it would be fitting to get a few online casino themed real money nz online pokies in their honour, as they seem to have that winning touch.

George Best and Bobby Charlton

Another pair that always managed to get the job done. However, this was more of trio than a pair as there was also Dennis Law. However, regardless of that fact, Best and Carlton were the pair that managed to win the European Cup final for Manchester United in 1968.