Will the Premier League Player of the Season Award go to Stamford Bridge?

Eden Hazard PFA Player of the Year 2015

Some of the best footballers in the world and the most respectable managers chose the Premier League this season.

The English first division was already one of the strongest in Europe and competition just got more intense. A prestigious association football award presented to the most successful athletes is the Premier League Player of the Season trophy.

In mid-May 2017, we’ll find out which footballer will be chosen by the fans, media and the football’s governing bodies for this award.


Chelsea Footballers Lead the Pack

Since 1992 when the Premier League was founded, there were only three players who won the award on two occasions. Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nemanja Vidić were the proud recipients of this trophy twice.

Overall, Manchester United was the most successful club but none of its players won since 2011.

This year, it looks like Chelsea has the best claim, with two of its players being credited with the first chance by bookmakers.

Nowadays it is possible to bet on pretty much any sports related events and the Premier League Player of the Season makes no exception.

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Eden Hazard is currently at the top of the list, with odds of 10/3, followed closely by his Chelsea teammate Diego Costa.

The striker is currently the most prolific goalscorer in the English first division, but several players are within striking distance.


Strikers Have the Upper Hand

A quick glance at the odds will reveal the fact that most of those who make top 10 are strikers. The Premier League has plenty of top quality offensive players, including the latest addition, Ibrahimovic.

Aguero and Kane are among the top scorers and spearhead the offensive of their teams. They are likely to emerge as the most prolific strikers, but except for Cristiano Ronaldo, few forwards have won the Premier League Player of the Season award.

Manchester City and Arsenal have suffered minor setbacks and are no longer within striking distance of the leader. The Premier League Player of the Season award was usually won by a footballer who played for the team winning the championship.

That’s why both Eden Hazard and Diego Costa are credited with the first chances, since Chelsea leads the table. Liverpool fans could enjoy the best return on investment if their team wins this season, as Coutinho and Mane are given odds of 12 and 22 respectively.