Top Four Highest-Paid Premier League Players

Liverpool has some of the highest-paid players in the Premier League, but none in the top four.

The Premier League has been widely regarded as one of the best football leagues in the world, if not the best. And a lot of that has to do with the money that has come into the league from all angles in recent years.

From ownership takeovers to lucrative television contracts, the Premier League is full of teams that are able to spend to get the players that they want.

These players in particular have earned a good chunk of that money, as they enjoy their status as the highest-paid players in the Premier League.

Anthony Martial, Manchester United

When you think of the best players in the Premier League, you likely don’t think of Anthony Martial. But given the current dynamics of the Premier League, teams have to pay for potential almost as often as they pay for results. Martial has a ton of upside, which has prompted Manchester United to pay him 13 million British pounds for the year.

United find themselves in a tough spot in the league, as 18 teams are all fighting to escape the long shadows cast by titans Liverpool and Manchester City. And if United are going to find their way back to the top of the table, players like Martial and his massive wage bill will have to help them get there.

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal

When Arsenal brought German midfielder Mesut Ozil onto their team, it was a move that was universally celebrated. Ozil was one of the best playmakers in the world at that time, with his ball distribution skills being virtually second to none at the time. And with all of the talent that Ozil possesses, a salary in the range of the 13,975,000 pounds that he’s bringing in was entirely justified.

With Arsenal paying one of the biggest wage bills in the league to this player, there is no doubt that he can enjoy himself. If he were to go to a casino, he would certainly be eligible for massive casino bonuses for high rollers, that is for sure.

The problem with Ozil is the fact that his form has dropped off, and Arsenal are now paying one of the highest annual wages in the league to a player who hasn’t looked at all like the one they originally signed.

Robinho used to be one of the highest-paid PL players, but current players have overtaken his salary.

Paul Pogba, Manchester United

Paul Pogba was expected to be a savior for Manchester United when he arrived at the club, which added one of the most talented midfielders in the world to a team in need of his creativity. As a result, his 15 million-pound-a-year salary seemed like a bargain to the club. And while Pogba and United have had some turbulent times together, things may finally be headed in the right direction for them.

Last summer saw Pogba proclaim that he was ready to move on from United, presumably to join an iconic club like Real Madrid instead of the floundering United. But Pogba and United are said to be discussing a new long-term contract that would keep him away from Madrid or any other destination that could hurt United in the long run. If that were to happen, Pogba could finally focus squarely on his football with the club and attempt to bring them back to glory.

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City

The title chase between Manchester City and Liverpool is one of the most captivating rivalries in the history of the Premier League. And with City being one of the richest clubs in the entire sport, it is no surprise that they have paid Kevin De Bruyne more than any player in the league. De Bruyne makes just under 17 million pounds per season, and justifiably so, given that his incredible passing abilities set up so many goals for City each season.

De Bruyne and City have won the Premier League twice in a row, winning five trophies in total over the last two seasons after winning three domestic cups to go with their Premier League triumphs. De Bruyne has been a big reason for all of that success and has provided the club with a sizable return on investment when he has been healthy, despite being the league’s most expensive player.