Top 3 Most Crazy Celebrity Casino Histories

Most celebrities in the world live a flamboyant and lavish life that is admired by many people in the world. Sometimes these celebrities might be stricken by some outright bizarre that can’t go unnoticed with the media.

Celebrities are sometimes met with both wonderful and weird things in their life like farming, BDSM, adoptions, charity, substance abuse, just to mention but a few. But there is one that ices the cake which is at a point a hobby to some of these celebrities and it is one that is loved both the less fortunate and the rich bosses and majority of the reckless celebrities. This is nothing other than gambling.

Why are celebrities throwing most of their earnings in gambling, you might ask? Is it because they are not satisfied with what they earn and want to get more, or it is just a hobby where they want to waste some of the excess money they have acquired?

It is something that is beyond imagination a celeb going to a casino to gamble! It is indeed a big surprise and you can be surprised with some of the names who you will find on the list of most crazy celebrity casino histories in the entire world.

Some of them are among the music and movie icons who are topping the list and they are always drooling towards most casino table games and slot machines. Some of them have made big fortunes out of them while others have lost big chunks of their earnings in the wake to make more money.

These are some of the big names of crazy celebrity casino histories.

Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck is an American actor, director, screenwriter and producer who has appeared in several television shows like The Voyage of the Mimi in 1984 and The Second Voyage of the Mimi in 1988. He is a world-class superstar who is not just known in his talent in action movies but also in mastery tactics in blackjack games.

Ben Affleck’s mastery of the game saw him win the 2004 California State Poker Championship. This explains why it is not a surprise of any celebrity of his calibre participating and making it a big success in gambling. His big win at casino suddenly led to his failure and his luck couldn’t cover his stumbles at the Casino when he was kicked out of a blackjack game for the allegation on him for cheating in the game.

Ben Affleck had an intention of pulling down the Hard Rock Casino Resort in Las Vegas. His attempts came to a halt when he received a tap on the shoulder by a security man who told him that he was too good for the game.

It appeared as the best possible way to compliment a cardsharp but this wasn’t in this case. Ben Affleck however admitted that he once counted the cards while in the game of blackjack. He claimed that it took him some time to master the game and eventually was a gifted blackjack player and when he became decent in the cards the casinos asked him not to play the game anymore.

Ben Affleck was a profitable client at the Las Vegas casino and he once dished out $144,000 to casino staff in one of his lucky night at the casino. This was the entire amount he had won that night. He once won an astonishing $800,000 which was his biggest win in a blackjack game. He has been seen lately trying out lack in horse bets.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is well-known in his achievements in Olympics and other competitions in his swimming career. He smashed almost every record that came his way and he has a record of the most Olympic medals that totals up to twenty-three.

He smashed thirteen gold medals in individual events and sixteen overall individual Olympic medals. He also broke the record for most gold medals achieved in a single Olympics during the 2004 Athens Olympics Games. The record was held by Mark Spitz, an American swimmer.

Phelps’ involvement in poker tournaments began in the early 2010’s. It was during this time that it was thought he would sign a sponsorship deal with an online poker site. This was not according to Phelps because he was not up to the task but just enjoyed playing the game and have fun. He is a recreational player but he is very competitive.

His competitive journey in the casino game traces back in 2011. This is the time he brought the house in Baltimore. He roomed with Jeff Gross, a pro in the game and it is believed Phelps took it seriously during the game. During the 2016 Rio Olympics, Phelps had a chance to play Crazy Pineapple on the phone at a poolside.

Michael Jordan

Michael is a six-time champion in NBA and is widely recognized as the most decorated and greatest basketball of all time. Besides his fame in basketball career, Michael Jordan is also known in the field of gambling and he is in the top list of the famous gamblers.

There are many stories that surround celebrities in online casinos and Michael Jordan is on top of the list. It was revealed by Charles Barkley, an NBA legend that at one time Jordan bet $300,000 on a golf putt. Jordan would even spend just an hour sleeping and utilizing the remaining hours playing poker according to Earvin Johnson. The best part of it is that during that year’s 1992 USA Dream Team at the Olympics, Jordan managed to wake up and was dominant in his Dream Team winning gold.

Jordan’s addiction to gambling has caused him a lot of controversies as well. During the 1993 Chicago Bulls fight for the NBA title, Jordan was seen playing casino in Atlantic City. His team was taking on the New York Knicks during the Eastern Conference. He had spent the previous night on a playing binge.

After his team won their championship for the third time consecutively, his gambling habits were investigated by the NBA and after four months, he decided to retire from basketball.