The Best & Worst Arsenal Kits Ever

Most football clubs have had made one or two rather unfashionable and regrettable decisions when it comes to redesigning a new kit for their players and Arsenal are no exception.

Thankfully however the Gunners have also pulled out of the bag some fantastically stylish and popular kit designs.

We dip into this mixed bag of striking, shocking and least of all surprising kit choices that have ever graced East London.


AWAY SHIRT 1991-1993

This yellow eyesore was the sickening sight that every Premier League ground around the country had to endure as the visiting Arsenal side walked out on to the pitch.

There’s no other way to describe this overly complicated design other than an ill-thought-out atrocity.

A splurge of black chevrons patterned the shirt entirely almost blotting out the clubs badge and red JVC logo.


HOME SHIRT – 1998-99

Off the back of the success of their previous season, thanks to winning the double and picking up both the Premier League title as well as lifting the FA Cup, the Gunners switched out their home shirt once more.

This particular Arsenal home kit was significant in the fact that it would be the final time we would see the JVC logo plastered across the chest as the club’s partnership with the Japanese company would come to an end after 20 long years.

The darker blue edging gave it some style it’s a shirt that gone on to become a true club classic.


AWAY SHIRT – 1993-94

Another bright yellow entry here that has often divided opinion is the 1993-94 Arsenal away shirt.

It’s not the most disastrous design we’ve seen to date however with its triple black Adidas stripes stretching diagonally down from the neckline to the base it did seem a little overkill especially as the vastly prominent stripes had little to do with the club itself other than for sponsorship purposes. Thankfully it only lasted for a single season.


HOME SHIRT – 2005-06

This almost experimental kit design was unveiled under the pretext that it was in some way related to the club’s first season at Highbury.

No matter what the reason this redcurrant and gold shirt was still striking and quite far removed from past offerings and worn as a tribute to mark the Gunners final season at their Highbury home before they would be moving in to the Emirates.