Paul Pogba and His Football Career: Where Is He Headed?

Not too long ago, Paul Pogba made a public comment that took many people off guard. As if Manchester United wasn’t having a difficult time already, his remarks added on top of the fiasco. Will he leave his current club and search for new opportunities in the world of football?

Let’s take a closer look at the matter at hand and examine where he sees himself in the future.

On his way to the top

In a statement he gave to the reporters, it’s quite evident that Pogba is thirsty to get to the very top. Being pleased with the current season, despite all of his successes, he believes there are even greater times ahead of him and his football career.

But much to the fans’ dismay, Manchester United may not be his target destination as we move forward.

An attempt to bait out new offers?

Some industry experts seem to be suggesting that his clever choice of words is nothing more than an attempt to negotiate a shiny new contract, but is this really all there is to it?

Considering that nothing seems to indicate any kind of displeasure in his current club, following that train of thought is easy to do. But when you examine his level of self-criticism and combine it with a never-ending mission of self-improvement, this casts a different light on the matter.

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Improvement requires sacrifices

While it may not be easy, sometimes reaching for greatness requires letting go of the things that are merely ‘okay’ or ‘good’. And as awesome as Manchester United may be, there is always room for improvement. Given that the end of his contract is approaching in a year or two (an extension is still an option), now is a good time to think about his professional future.

Everyone needs a nurturing environment

To nurture his talent, he needs to seek out a team that keeps on pushing him forward. Ideally, you want to surround yourself with people who are more skilled than you or, at the very least, your equals. Since he is clearly one of Manchester United’s top assets, the reverse is the case in his current situation.

Currently, he is kind of forced to perform the jobs he is the least talented to handle, which leaves almost no room to showcase his attacking prowess.
The fans are shocked Pogba’s move to publicly declare his intentions to leave may result in a backlash from some of the fans who are likely to give him a hard time for it.

On the other hand, his current club needs him more than ever, and even when he’s at his worst, he can still produce much greater results than his midfield teammates.

Manchester United has other worries

Apart from that, Manchester united needs to sort out some of the other issues before moving forward. They need to figure out what to do with Marcus Rashford. Given that he’s one of their hottest assets, it’s rather strange they haven’t sorted out the contract yet, especially considering this is his last year.

The club is also in dire need of defensive reinforcements. A central defender would be a lifesaver at this point and some central midfielders would not hurt either. Since they could use some goalkeeping refreshments as well, the only question is, what to prioritize with limited resources? That, as well as the other critical decisions, will be up to Solskjaer and his managerial finesse to decide.

The story isn’t over yet

With that in mind, make sure to stay tuned and follow the latest football news to see the next chapter of this story. Pogba and Manchester United have their own respective Twitter handles, which is a great way to keep in touch with what’s happening.

Apart from that, be on the lookout for any relevant hash tags like #pogba to follow the user-generated content.

Finally, other social media channels plus the football news portals are a fantastic way to follow Pogba on his professional journey.

Mentality is everything

In the end, it all comes down to him and his mentality. If he manages to keep his mind in the present and bring out his best, Manchester United, as well as the fans, will be pleased for him to stay.

If, on the other hand, he chooses to keep his thoughts ahead of the present
times and well into the unknowns of the future, perhaps it’s better for him to move on with his career and find a new club to call his home.