Leading Premier League Teams Ever

Since the Premier League was created in 1992, it has battled to be Europe’s top-flight with teams known worldwide. For over two decades, the league has consistently grown in performance and popularity, featuring some of the most outstanding teams in soccer. Here are the four greatest Premier League teams ever.

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Arsenal – 2003/2004

Like most Betway punters will tell you, Arsenal is among the best EPL teams, though they’ve been through a few rough patches in recent times. However, their 2003/04 squad remains the only EPL team to finish the season undefeated, a feat achieved by Preston North End during the 1888/89 season. The team was a joy to behold, with Arsene Wenger at the helm.

During this season, Arsenal’s Invincibles managed to end the season with 12 draws, amassing a total of 90 points. While that doesn’t come close to their highest points tally since they started featuring in the league, the feat of finishing a season unbeaten makes the team among the greatest in EPL’s history.

Manchester City – 2017/2018

After an incredibly satisfying season, Manchester City finished its 2017/2018 Premier League campaign with record-breaking 100 points. As a result, the team set a new record for the highest points amassed by any team in the Premier League in a single season.

In that season, the number of records that Manchester City broke was outrageous, with many Betway English Premier League bets placed on the team. The squad set benchmarks for the most wins (32), most away points (50), best goal difference (79), most goals scored (106), and most consecutive wins (18). Even better, the team was able to replicate their performance in the following season, managing to retain their title in 2018/2019.

Manchester United – 1998/1999

Without a doubt, Manchester United is among the most successful clubs in the English Premier League. The Red Devils have managed to accomplish several extraordinary feats, with several Premier League stars like Christiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney, and currently Marcus Rashford, to mention a few.

During their 1998/1999 EPL campaign, the team was packed with Irish core and British players who are still part of today’s conversations as Premier League greats. That includes the entire midfield of Roy Keane, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, and Ryan Giggs. 

With Alex Ferguson as the head coach, his rivalry with Arsene Wenger was reaching its peak, but United managed to claim the title by a single point. That was the first hat-trick Premier League title wins, a feat that no other EPL teams have matched.

Chelsea – 2004/2005

While Manchester City and Arsenal were built on creative attacking philosophies, Chelsea was centered on a virtually impenetrable defense. The team was under the arms of rising star Jose Mourinho and managed to concede only 15 goals with 25 clean sheets. 

Mourinho, who had just dubbed himself “The Special One,” managed to turn Stamford Bridge into a fortress. Fortunately, he managed to kick off the unbeaten home run, stretching for 86 games in five seasons. The Blues managed to finish the season with a total of 95 points.