How Will Brexit Impact the Premier League?

As most readers might know, the UK is poised to leave the EU following a vote held to in June 2016 where 51.9% of the vote was in favour of leaving the European Union.

When this takes place, it will affect a variety of UK-EU relations and the Premier League unfortunately seems to receive the short end of the deal.

So what will happen when the UK leaves EU?

International attention and revenue

The Premier League is affected in various areas from work permits to transfer fees to global appeal. As international players are recruited and play in the Premier League this also grabs international attention. Many South Korean fans have started following the league and the Tottenham Hotspur since Son Heung-min joined the team.

The Premier League is being watched in 189 countries and attracts more than 700,000 visitors to the UK each year to attend matches. The clubs also employ more than 12,000 full-time staff. The profits generated from the league amount to £3.3bn per season in taxes to the government.

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International talent

It is well-known that the top clubs recruit and attract top talent from all over the world. The FA (The English Football Association) has proposed a new policy as the UK leaves EU that limits the number of foreign players allowed on teams from 12 from the 17 it is currently.

In 1992 English players made up 70% of the players in the Premier League. In 2019, this figure had dropped to 33% showing the importance of being able to attract international talent.

Studies have also shown that there is no evidence that stronger quotas would have any positive influence on the national teams. It is as such also no surprise that all 20 Premier League clubs opposed Brexit in 2016.

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It is unsure what will happen if this policy is enforced and teams may be forced to sell players who do not fit the requirements. The BBC established in 2016 that according to the work permit requirements needed after Brexit, 332 players in the Premier League, Championship and Scottish
Premiership would not be eligible.

It would also make it more difficult for teams to attract top talent under 18 for their academies. FIFA’s regulations only allow for football players to be transferred between clubs as long as they are both located within the EU territory.

The Premier League has made their stance clear and do not believe that Brexit should be used a means to weaken the squads in the British Football teams or to make it difficult to attract and sign international players.

The same immigration dilemma applies to the coaches in the Premier League. Right now 14 out of the 20 teams have a non-UK coach. To ensure the success of English Football, it is as such also important to be able to attract the very best coaches from the international scene. Free movement
of people is an important aspect of the modern game in Europe and it is very common that players are transferred between the many different leagues in Europe.