How to watch football online for FREE!

With the recent edition of Amazon Prime to what seems to be the ever-growing list of subscription channels which show football, more and more people are looking at different ways of watching the beautiful game for free.

The everyday fan who likes to watch football at home now has to subscribe to Sky Sports, BT Sport, Premier Sports and now Amazon Prime in order to catch their favourite team’s games.

If you’re a fan of one of the many teams that have their own in-house channel like MUTV (Manchester United), LFCTV (Liverpool) or Celtic TV then this is another additional cost.

So, the question is how can you watch football for free?

The answer to this is simple – You can stream football through an online casino and betting website. You will be able to not only stream football, but also other sporting events and get the best online odds.

The added bonus of watching live games through a casino site is the facility to place a cheeky bet whilst the game is being played.

In play betting is a great way of making a dull game more entertaining because you can bet on the next goalscorer or place a bet on a team that is losing to make a comeback and win the game.

This kind of bet is a particular favourite of ours as the odds tend to be much longer – especially if a team is 2-0 down at half-time.

Watching football online through a casino website also gives you a much broader range of games to choose from. Some people like to watch action from different leagues across the world and some websites offer the facility to watch games from places such as Australia, India and even Nepal!

By having such a large selection of games to choose from you can log on at any time of the day and can guarantee that there will be a game from somewhere in the world being shown live on the website that you can have a bet on.

Not all of these websites have the facility to watch live Premier League football and there is a range of depth and quality across the board.

Some betting sites also require you to place a minimum bet to access the live football game and some require you to have a positive balance in your account but you will find that more often than not they offer a wide selection of games for free.

Also, some sites show the live games in a tiny box within the body of the page but most will either allow you to expand to a full screen or have a pop-out box which will automatically fill your screen with the game you have selected.

The main benefit for us of watching football online through a betting site though is that you can watch it while you’re on the move through your mobile or tablet (providing you have enough data on your device or you are in a Wi-Fi area).

With the mobile and tablet market showing no signs of slowing down, more and more people are using handheld devices and moving away from the more traditional personal computers and laptops.

Although the picture maybe smaller, the high-definition stream will ensure that you don’t miss a minute of your favourite football team’s game.

This is a particularly good benefit for those bettors who like to place an accumulator (Acca) bet on a number of games which are played at different times of the day. It means that you can place your accumulator bet at the start of the day for example and check in on the score and watch some of the game whilst you’re out and about.

There are a number of high-profile tournaments for football fans to look forward to this summer including the African Nations Championship in April and the UEFA European Championships and Copa America in June and July.

The 2020 Olympic Games also presents the opportunity to bet on both men’s and women’s football when it starts at the end of July,

So, in conclusion if you’re fed up with paying through the nose for Sky Sports, BT Sport and now Amazon Prime which many people are, try watching football for free online through a betting or casino website.

You won’t be disappointed!