How to improve your BTTS In Both Halves tips

With so many options in terms of football betting markets, it’s possible to put money behind the exact outcome that you’re predicting.

We’ve moved far from a time where you could only back either team to win or draw, allowing for more advanced options, and the Both Teams To Score In Both Halves bet is easily one of the riskiest and most exciting.

There aren’t all that many matches where you expect that each team will score at least once in each half, especially as it means a final score of 2-2 at a minimum, but it’s not stopped tips for BTTS In Both Halves from becoming something we now see every weekend.

Backing the original Both Teams To Score market still has its reasons for getting involved – as do things like Full Time Result & BTTS and Both Score No Draw – but the odds that you’ll get from building BTTS In Both Halves tips make it easy to see why so many punters are interested in making their own.

You already know exactly what a Both Teams To Score In Both Halves bet is, but working out how you can improve the bets you’re making by using the market is a completely different obstacle to get past.

We’ve included some of our thoughts on how to pick insightful BTTS In Both Halves tips below:


Don’t only focus on ‘big teams’ in your Both Halves BTTS bets

It can be tempting to put all of your attention towards the big games coming up, but recent times have shown games between each league’s big dogs as not being as lively as they once were.

Through the introduction of defensive tactics, BTTS In Both Halves tips have fallen apart, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find winning Both Teams To Score In Both Halves Tips from other leagues.


Teams capable of the Both Teams To Score In Both Halves market

By simply looking at past results and the current record of teams set to lock horns, you should be able to identify some matches where the BTTS Both Halves outcome is plausible.

This might be a League Two game, an Italian Serie A game, or one from the Chinese Super League; the point isn’t to find teams that you’ve heard of or have an interest in, but to find games where it’s likely that both teams will score in both halves.


What to look out for in BTTS In Both Halves tips

A common misconception for finding BTTS In Both Halves tips is that they’re only based on how powerful two teams are in terms of their attacking prowess.

While this is partially true, high-scoring teams like Manchester City and Liverpool have been known to see out goalless draws due to their defensive stability.

This is why looking at poor defences is as important as looking at strong attacks, as both teams need to be able to score twice, as well as concede twice.