Gambling Problems of Premier League Footballers


Football has long been established as a chosen sport in betting combinations. This may be caused by several reasons, primarily due to its large expansion. Namely, football is known to be played in almost every country in the world.

Knowing the rules, a large portion of the human population has the potential to become bettors. Although it varies in extent, betting on football is almost as present as the sport itself.

So, why should it be any different for the football players?

After all, they are the ones who constantly have the ball on their minds. In addition to this, gambling in general is proven to be one of their favorite pastimes.

Speaking about the Premier League football players in particular, gambling outcomes could even be the causes for bad field performances and motivation fluctuations.

Why Do They Gamble?

A recent research has managed to reach many Premier League representatives and understand their take on the matter.

Starting from the cause, most football players blamed this addiction on their lifestyle. They would claim that their lives are so precisely planned that each moment of leisure leaves them dazzled, not knowing what to do.

And since they had money to waste, they would start off with a couple of bets, ultimately loosing huge amounts.

Some of the football players confessed that they even had to sign contracts to play in certain teams only to get the money out of it.

Another current representative took a different stance. He claimed that his addiction was restrained to several locations, that is, until online casinos started to appear.

The idea of gambling at all times without the risk of anyone finding out has been put forward as the main source of the problem.

Although it’s no justification, you too must admit that there are certain NJ Online Casino No Deposit bonuses that would even put your and mine bank account to the test.

Some of these major football legends joined in on the claim that these online casinos were their doom, while others blamed the real culprit – themselves.

There were such who thought of it as a hobby while travelling to away games or killing the time before a match. Nonetheless, everyone agreed to one thing – the impact it had on their field game. Losing money often cost them their game.

A Personal Testimonial

This problem is a common topic in Dietmar Hamman’s autobiography, as it took up large chunks of his everyday life.  

The legendary Premier League midfielder confessed his gambling sins in his publication. Here, he openly confesses his unique addiction to betting on cricket matches above all other gambling options.

What’s more, he even retold one of his darkest moments, when he managed to lose around £300,000 on a single cricket match.

Although this football player blames his gambling problem on the troubles in his personal life, there is still much to be said about disposable income.

In any case, his touching confessions would bring anyone to tears, not accounting for any football preferences.