Tracking Down the Strongest Football Betting Odds

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Regular punters are well aware that one of the most desirable attributes which comes with betting is the strength of the odds. They also know that if there’s a better price elsewhere, that is where they’ll be wagering their bets, as achieving the best possible returns is something bettors look for ahead of all else.

Betting should only ever be done responsibly but when that’s established, it’s one of the most enjoyable hobbies in the UK.

The chances of bets landing are always assessed by the odds made available by the bookies, with this only not being the case when there’s an enhancement made for new customers or a special market available for a limited time.

Oddschanger are a website who pride themselves on keeping on top of the constantly changing bookmaker odds, providing their own betting previews and predictions of how football betting odds might alter again in future days. It’s a tough thing to predict but OC always attempt to accurately estimate any manager changes or moves in the transfer market.

What affects football betting odds?

In most cases, the odds on any outcome will be chosen based on what the bookmakers think, with everything hinging on former results, form of teams or players involved, statistics, and even things as unreliable as a home advantage. There’s a lot of different factors that will be considered but it all plays a part in making up the bookie odds in some way, shape or form.

Something else which hinges heavily on the price provided by all bookmakers is the demand of the punter. For instance, if odds are released for the match result of a football fixture coming up and a large percentage of punters back one side over the other, the odds are likely to shorten as it’s the more favourable outcome and could end up being the more likely outcome too.

How do I find the best football betting odds?

Through following websites like Oddschanger – who are also regularly active on social media – you’ll be kept in the loop regarding all the strongest odds and any fluctuations which may occur. It’s always worth remembering these sorts of outlets when it comes to anticipating the change in bookmaker prices, as the odds alter all the time on every market and they can be extremely unpredictable.

If you’re looking for the best odds on the market, all bookmaker websites and apps will show fluctuations in price as they happen. Something to remember is not to assume you’re getting the best odds from the first bookmaker you go to.

In order to make sure you’re being given the best possible price, shop around all bookie sites you can think of for the same market, as there could be a significantly stronger set of odds that you’re missing out on due to backing your bet as quickly as possible to not miss out.