Biggest Premier League Bets Won

Betting on the Prem is a popular pastime in both the UK and around the world.

Those that hit big payouts get celebrated like players that win big matches, and although not of all of us have the bankroll to be able to sit at our favourite land and online casinos’ high roller tables, everyone can enjoy the thrill of making a small accumulator wager and watching the potentially high paying results unfold.

Here are five punters that did just to great success in five of the biggest Premier League bets won ever.


The Toffee’s Talisman

Everton ended the 2015/16 Premier League season tied for the most draws with 14, and a near-15th draw nearly cost one punter a huge amount of pounds.

Ahead of the Toffees’ gameweek 7 match with West Brom, 30-year old Kyle Jordan had five earlier bets in his six-match William Hill accumulator hit successfully, but that final match looked like it wasn’t going to go Jordan’s way.


A Fleetwood man won over £45,000 thanks to some Romelu Lukaku late-match magic in 2015.

With Everton down 2-0 in the 55th, Romelu Lukaku and Arouna Kone both score over the course of 20 minutes to tie the match. But in the final minutes of the game, all remained equal and a draw looked imminent. Jordan had the opportunity to cash out right then and win £4,196, but decided to stay faithful to his original wager.

The move paid off, as Lukaku went on to score again to cap the big comeback and win Jordan £45,865.


The Legend Of Baggies Vance

Accumulator bets allow for potential payouts of ridiculous value to be won that straight one-match wagers rarely approach. Case in point, the 14-team accumulator Chelsea supporter Dean Clay placed in February 2015. As he claims to do most weeks, Clay put £2 on the results of 14 different matches for fun.

Through the first 13 of those matches, Dean was perfect and the accumulator remained intact. The decisive match was Burnley vs. West Brom, in which Clay needed a draw to collect a £69,000 payout.

Choosing to go play a round of golf instead of suffer through the tense match in which the Baggies fell behind 2-0 in the first half, Clay was greeted with two pleasant surprises when he returned from the links: West Brom had come back to tie the match 2-2, and due to a bonus promotion that bookmaker Coral was running at the time, he actually won £23,000 more than he originally anticipated, totalling a whopping £92,000.


Lucky Leicester

Leicester of course made headlines around the world for their miraculous run to the Premier League title in 2015/16, but so too did a large number of supporters that believed in the Foxes long before anyone else did. A number of these (blindly loyal) fans even bought Leicester to win the title when their odds were as long 5,000:1.



A lot of lucky Leicester fans took heavy advantage of the Foxes’ run to the Premiership crown.

As LFC unthinkably lifted the Premiership trophy, stories began to pour out about fans cashing out wins of £7k, £33k and even £50k. But perhaps most notable of the many that put an absolute hurting on the sportsbooks (so much so that many said they’d never offer futures odds that long again), was one punter that rode his ticket to a £200,000 payout.

Most miraculously was that that bettor didn’t place his punt until October, when Leicester’s odds had dropped to ‘only’ 2,000:1.


The Biggest Jim O’Brien Fan In The World

Hitting an eight-match accumulator bet successfully takes skill (and a bit of luck). But doing it on eight matches already in play and nearing the death adds in a whole new degree of difficulty, especially when many of the wagers were on teams that were losing at the time.

That’s exactly what one smart/lucky/insane London punter did in 2014, placing eight £10 seven-way accumulators (with any combination of seven teams paying out) as well one £20 eight-way accumulator (needing all eight teams together to payout).

The craziest picks of the bunch were on West Ham to come back from 0-2 to draw against Stoke, as well as Charlton and Coventry City to come back and draw against Sheffield Wednesday and Leyton Orient respectively.

But a crazy, improbable 20 minutes ensued, and after Jim O’Brien scored to equalize for Coventry in the 91st, the bettor had earned £267105.76 on the 7fold bet and £387098.14 on the 8fold, for a staggering £654,203.90 total return.


Maltese Magic

Betting on sport in the local bookies or online at portals like obviously comes with a large amount uncertainty, but one thing that always seems to be true is that all the money is real.

And if you have a large accumulator bet still active heading into the final match, you’re in for a dramatic finish. Such is the case with the 19-match accumulator a 41-year old Maltese man placed in November of 2011 across seven different UK leagues and competitions.



A Maltese man became a Glen Johnson fan-for-life after the defender won him £585,000

At 683,738:1 odds, the man needed Liverpool to defeat on the road against Chelsea in order to win his longshot wager. A draw looked like it was going to be the likely result heading into the final minutes, undoubtedly causing the bookmakers at William Hill to breathe a little easier.

Their relief only lasted until the 87th minute, when Glen Johnson scored against his former club on a great solo effort, winning the Reds the match and the mystery man from Malta £585,143.24.