Analyzing what factors before betting will increase the chances of your wins?

Statistics are useful, but even if we go into the fundamentals, the best possible practice would be to follow games yourself. But with such a busy life, it isn’t easy. Whether you try watching extended highlights, you might miss a few critical details to the game.

That’s where statistics come into picture; they are filtered data from current, past game or leagues for you to make an insightful decision for your bet.

Being a football fan, we all know that it’s a game of fine margins. An instant injury, a red card or a suspension could literally change a game. So, even these tiny-looking factors can affect your bet and change the way a game turns out. 

Here are a few of the major factors that do the damage we’re talking about: 

Heartbreaking Suspensions and Injuries

When a top player gets a red card in a game, the chances of that team losing it increases exponentially in the betting world. Likewise, injuries are also cruel, as they can also take a toll on a team.

For instance, last year Chelsea were badly hammered with a 4-0 loss by Manchester United in their first game of the league. And what caused such a defeat!

Experts and fans suggested that the absence of Anthony Rudiger and Kante was the critical reason why Chelsea was not able to perform. Their midfield and defence lacked the sharpness it needed, and they were punished for it. 

Another relevant example would be that of a match between Manchester United and Southampton. In this match, Anthony Martial and Luke Shaw picked up injuries and hence Manchester United failed to perform in the game. As a result, they lost the game they should have won.

Therefore, before you decide to place your bet, it’s recommended to make sure you know who are the playing eleven for matchday. There are injury experts such as Ben Dinnery, who can serve as the best resource to get information about the casualties in the Premier League. You can even ask him questions to which he will respond with a relevant answer. 

Considering the Form or Playing Spirit

While betting, you must also take note of teams ‘form’ in the league. Many times, the stats might be convincing, but the form of the team might not be good in the league. In simple terms, if a team is enduring a bad form, don’t hesitate to ditch them for the bet.  Keep rooting for their win but don’t bet on them.

Not so dependent on Fixtures

Fixtures are not just about analysing and seeing a small team play against a bigger team and then as a bettor deciding whether or not to bet on it. Fixtures can have a severe impact on a team’s line up and ultimately can even affect their performance in the game. 

It’s recommended to be sensible and avoid trusting teams that are affected by their fixtures. 


Betting, when done sensibly can be fruitful. When your choices of betting are the right mix of statistics and all the essential factors we have mentioned above, you can surely get lucky. 

Well, if you want to watch some up and coming Premier League stars list many live streaming sites. While you watch a match there, always remember to amass significant in-depth knowledge of each team that’s involved in your bet and don’t hesitate to wave goodbye to your emotions whenever you’re betting in football.