7 Premier League Records that Could be Broken in 2020

Liverpool now claim the record for the best start to a Premier League season with 20 out of 21 possible wins. They broke the record after beating Tottenham on 11th January. Now, with about fifteen more games to play, the Reds together with the rest of the EPL teams could smash these records.

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Most Points in a Season – 100

Manchester City presently hold the record for the most points in a season. They set the record two seasons ago after winning 32 games, drawing four and only losing two. Of course, they also won the EPL title, 19 points clear of runners-up Manchester United.

Now Liverpool have the chance to smash that record if they continue winning games consistently. They are yet to lose a game after 23 games and have only drawn once, tallying 67 points. They only need to win 11 more games to equal the Citizens and 12 more games to set a new record.

But here’s what’s interesting. Liverpool could lose four games before the season is over and still smash City’s record. That’s how impressive they’ve been so far. Better yet, they could lift this year’s EPL title with the biggest margin.

All they have to do is to keep winning and hope City drop more points.

Most Assists in a Season – 20

Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne is on course to break Arsenal’s Thierry Henry’s most assists in a season record. He has fifteen assists so far and about fourteen games to smash the French man’s 20-assists tally.

Arsenal’s Mesut Özil nearly broke the record in the 2015/16 season but fell short with one assist. Surprisingly, the German playmaker had 16 assists halfway the season but only managed three assists in the last eighteen games.

Cesc Fabregas and Frank Lampard also attempted to break the record, but they both managed 18 assists. Luckily, de Bruyne is in excellent health and form this season. He also has the right group of players to help him set a new record come May.

Fewest Defeats in a Season – 0

Can the Reds do it? Arsenal did it in the 2003/04 season. Liverpool now have a chance to make their record even better. With zero defeats and one draw after 23 games, they could theoretically finish the season with a single draw.

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Longest Unbeaten Run – 49 Games

Ever since Arsenal went on a 49 game unbeaten run in the 2003/04 season, no team has played over 40 games without a defeat. Chelsea attempted to break the Gunners’ record in 2004, but their run got snapped after 40 games.

After defeating Wolves in a hard-fought game, Liverpool are on course to chase Arsenal’s record before the season is over. They have a few tests in Manchester City, Everton and Arsenal but they could comfortably beat these teams.

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Most Successive Home and Away Wins

There are yet more prestigious records Liverpool could end up shattering this year. First off, they only need to beat Southampton and Westham to surpass City’s record of 20 home wins. They have nineteen home wins so far.

On the other hand, the Reds have a chance to splitter yet another City record if they can win 18 games away from home. They nearly did in the first half of the season, but a draw at Old Trafford denied them the record.

Interestingly, Liverpool have a chance to set such high new records that no team might break them soon. Take the home wins’ tally as an example. They haven’t dropped points at Anfield this season. If they continue that run, they could win all home games—a perfect record to have for any team.

Longest Time Unbeaten

When Arsenal went on a run of 49 games without a defeat, they did it in 537 days. That’s a lot of time without a loss. But it’s a record Liverpool could break by summer. Of course, the catch is to lose zero games by then.

They’ve already gone over a year without a loss. But will they be able to defeat Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea by May? They’ve already beaten these teams this season, and they could do it again. If they cango on until next January without a loss, the Reds will have gone two calendar years without tasting defeat.

Fewest EPL Draws – 2

Let’s face it. This is not a record most fans care about but it’s one the Reds could add to their books come May should they finish without another draw. As mentioned, Liverpool’s only draw this season came at the expense of Manchester United last October.

They nearly drew against Spurs in early January, but Tottenham wasted all their chances. They have a tough run of fixtures to win if they want to break City’s record. But for a team that just keeps winning, Liverpool can smash it.