3 Jobs That Retired Football Players Take-up

Many would think that after a successful career as a professional football player, many Premier League retirees would simply start enjoying all of their accumulated wealth and do pretty much nothing for the rest of their lives.

However, statistics show that almost all of the retired professionals are trying to find as much work to do as possible, but not all of them follow the same path. Although there are much more jobs that have been taken by ex-professional players, the three listed in this article seem to be the most in-demand so far.


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It’s obvious that years of practical experience of playing football professionally is going to wire somebody’s mind in a completely different way. The thing is that even if there are coaching schools all over the world, the best coaches so far have turned out to be ex-players themselves.

Why? Because what may seem like a good idea, in theory, could completely break down in practice. Coaching schools may teach students what’s the best strategy to go for, but professionals are always considering the strategy other teams use. The years of experience that ex-professionals have provides them with the necessary information of training their players to not execute their own strategy, but counter others.

Furthermore, where else could they use their years of experience? At least where else can they support an income they’ve become used to as professionals? Well, there’s one job that can accommodate that.


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Pundits are the people we see make assumptions before a match even starts, or even before the matchup is made. For example, there will always be ex-players of different football clubs sitting during a sports talk show or program making predictions based on their experience with the clubs.

Naturally, predictions are very hard to make for football games because nobody ever knows what could go wrong during the match. A higher rated team could always experience a breaking point which could cause them to lose the game, ultimately branding the Pundit as unreliable. It’s a risky profession, but multiple ex-players have taken these routes.

According to Mightytips, ex-players are usually contacted either by TV channels to feature them on their shows with either pre-match or post-match analysis, but the most common companies that employ ex-professionals are betting websites all over the world. It’s very easy to convince bettors in a game’s outcome if an ex-player of a football club says that they’re going to lose or win.

The players are also able to make a quick buck out of their analysis, and if they provide the info to a betting website, they’re also rewarded with the percentage of the company’s revenue.

Brand ambassadors

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Brand ambassadors are the people we see promoting a company’s product or being associated with it.

The primary examples we can bring are Pele, David Beckham, and Ronaldinho. The only pre-requisite that players need to have to become brand ambassadors after they retire is an already existing fame of being legends of their time.

The three mentioned above have indeed reached that level of fame and the same will be said about Messi and Ronaldo once they retire as well. Multiple brands want their products to be associated with famous people that are looked up to and loved by their fans, and considering how many people were die-hard fans of Ronaldinho it’s obvious to expect the man appear in a few commercials.

Some may think that it’s not a job but just a contract, but pretty much anything that brings in income can be classified as a job at some point. Furthermore, a 5-minute clip that gives players an income worth lifetime wages of the average joe is nothing to smirk at.