10 Athletes with Notorious Gambling Affection

Somethings are only good when it is done in moderation but when it becomes an addiction it drastically damage your life. Gambling is good and most countries have legalised it with moderations. However, when you make a habit of going to the casinos every day and night and using lots of money it becomes a big concern.

There is no one who can be immune to gambling and most professional athletes are not exempted. They have found themselves spending time and money in casinos.

They may have been addicted because of the huge salaries they get from their professional careers and they end up spending more and sometimes finding themselves in big debts. This has led to great financial crisis.

Moderation is one of the best options for UK players to abstain from gambling addiction.

In this article we will be looking on some of the professional and well known athletes who have found themselves in this crisis.

Pete Rose

Pete Rose is an athlete who tops our list because he has paid a big price compared to the rest. He is a legend in baseball player and as the all-time hits leader he also sports his own card collection.

Pete Rose is known more by his young fans because of betting so much on baseball. Most of the time he used to bet a lot on his own team especially when he was the manager of the Reds, he used to spend at least $100,000 every day on betting.

Despite being a legend on the field, he is the only one who cannot be voted into the Hall of Fame. Gambling ruined his life until a time when he was banned from the MLB.

John Daly

John Daly is number two on our list of the most notorious athletes with gambling addiction. He is one of the all-time great golfers. Regardless of him being the most unique and all-time golfer, John Daly had some downfalls.

Apart from smoking and drinking, John Daly was mostly addicted to gambling. He spent almost $60 million on gambling within a decade and it was once claimed he lost more than $1.5 million within five hours playing slots. Each spin was worth $5,000.

John Daly has so far reduced his habit of gambling although he is still doing it.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is another athlete figure who has spent millions of dollars through gambling. He is the best known basketball player of all time and used to be great gambler.

He used to spend most of his time and lots of money at casinos and golf courses. In fact, after his retirement, his life was not as good as you would expect from such a great personality in the world of athletes.

His betting habit cannot be well tracked but it is believed he still bets a lot. He is still in a position to get funds from Nike line and the Charlotte Hornets to bet.

Rick Tocchet

Fourth on our list is Rick Tocchet who was a well-known skilled hockey player. He retired from playing hockey in 2002 after a colourful career but remained as a coach and analyst in the world of hockey.

Besides, Rick Tocchet is known to be a bookmaker and a leader in illegal gambling. This vice saw him go on probation and subsequently took a two-year leave from NHL but came back again in 2008 as a coach of Tampa Bay Lightning. He later on was handed the bench boss job of the Arizona Coyotes.

Rick Tocchet was involved in a scandal that had approximately $1 million dollars which circulated in the illegal gambling ring. The scandal included Janet Jones (Mrs. Wayne Gretzky).

Jaomir Jagr

Jaomir Jagr is the fifth athlete who has spent most of his life in gambling. He is still in the world of sports in the NHL and it has been claimed he has been involved in a gambling scandal. He refuted the claims but he later accepted that he paid a debt of $1 million linked with gambling.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather comes in sixth as one of the best athletes in the world of boxing. He is the richest athlete in sports and is so lavish with his riches, spending lots of money flossing with expensive clothes, shoes, diamonds and many more.

Besides flossing about what he owns and what he puts on, Mayweather has been posting on social media platforms about his gambling behaviour. His photos also have circulated on social media platforms and internet, him making millions dollar bets on most sporting events.

Although gambling isn’t an issue for him currently, it might be an issue if he continues with the same habit.

Charles Barkley

One of the most decorated, powerful and tenacious rebounders in the NBA, Charles Barkley comes in 7th on our list. He is currently a great analyst and during his career, he was a great scorer on the court. However, like other professional athletes, Charles Barkley had his own vice off the court.

He used to waste most of his income through gambling and at a point he wasted almost $10 million. Barkley has accepted that gambling is a big problem and an addiction which he has tried to stop but keeps on coming back. Vegas casino sued Charles Barkley of a gambling debt that was estimated to be $400,000.

Paul Hornung

Paul Hornung is a known well established and versatile NFL player who used to play for Green Bay Packers. Away from his playing career, Paul Hornung is also known to be a gambler during his career lifetime. In the 60s, he used to bet a lot on NFL games spending about $500 on every game. In those times spending $500 on betting was a lot of money and was also illegal.

Art Schlichter

Art Schlichter is another athlete who had problems with gambling during his career as an NFL player. He was involved in gambling vice for over four decades that left him in hundreds of thousands of dollars debt. This led him to be suspended from NFL because of his gambling habits.

Wayne Rooney

A former England footballer and captain of the national team and Manchester United closes the top ten list of great athletes with notorious gambling affection. At an early age of 20, it is believed that the talented player had amassed an amount of over million dollars of debt because of gambling on soccer, dogs and horses. It is also claimed that he lost $100,000 within two hours at a casino.