Bradford City Football Club: Ex Premier League Players


Bradford City Football Club:

Ex Premier League Players

Welcome to the Bradford City legends page – the gateway to information on ex Bradford City players who have played in the Premier League.

In addition to information on ex Bradford City players we have also added Bradford City’s Premier League statistics which include the top Bradford City scorers in the Premier League, most Premier League appearances by an Bradford City player and also Bradford City’s football club’s final league position for each year that they have featured in the English Premier League.

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Ashley Ward

Premier League Appearances: 137

Goals Scored: 33

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Gunnar Halle

Premier League Appearances: 184

Goals Scored: 10

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Jamie Lawrence

Premier League Appearances: 72

Goals Scored: 4

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Benito Carbone

Premier League Appearances: 177

Goals Scored: 35

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David Wetherall

Premier League Appearances: 257

Goals Scored: 15

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Peter Beagrie

Premier League Appearances: 162

Goals Scored: 17

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Stuart McCall

Premier League Appearances: 71

Goals Scored: 2

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Dean Windass

Premier League Appearances: 104

Goals Scored: 17

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Dean Saunders

Premier League Appearances: 196

Goals Scored: 45

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Robbie Blake

Premier League Appearances: 100

Goals Scored: 11

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Bradford City Premier League Statistics

This table shows the players who have made the most Premier League appearances for Bradford City and who has scored the most goals for Bradford City in the Premier League.


Top EPL GoalscorersGoalsMost EPL AppearancesGames
Dean Windass10Stuart McCall71
Peter Beagrie8Dean Windass62
Robbie Blake6David Wetherall56
Lee MIlls5Peter Beagrie54
Benito Carbone5Andy O'Brien54
Ashley Ward4Gunnar Halle51
Jamie Lawrence4Robbie Blake49
Dean Saunders3Wayne Jacobs45
David Wetherall3Dean Saunders44
Dan Petrescu3Jamie Lawrence40

Statistics provided by Statbunker