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Welcome to the Aston Villa legends page – the gateway to information on ex Aston Villa players who have played in the Premier League.

In addition to information on ex Aston Villa players we have also added Aston Villa’s Premier League statistics which include the top Aston Villa scorers in the Premier League, most Premier League appearances by an Aston Villa player and also Aston Villa football club’s final league position for each year that they have featured in the English Premier League.

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Mark Bosnich

Premier League Appearances: 206

Clean Sheets: 77

Find out what Mark Bosnich is doing now


David James

Premier League Appearances: 572

Clean Sheets: 170

Find out what David James is doing now


Brad Friedel

Premier League Appearances: 450

Clean Sheets: 132

Find out what Brad Friedel is doing now


Gareth Southgate

Premier League Appearances: 426

Goals Scored: 17

Find out what Gareth Southgate is doing now


Richard Dunne

Premier League Appearances: 431

Goals Scored: 11

Find out what Richard Dunne is doing now


Martin Laursen

Premier League Appearances: 84

Goals Scored: 9

Find out what Martin Laursen is doing now


Steve Staunton

Premier League Appearances: 288

Goals Scored: 13

Find out what Steve Staunton is doing now


Gary Charles

Premier League Appearances: 98

Goals Scored: 3

Find out what Gary Charles is doing now


Ronnie Johnsen

Premier League Appearances: 151

Goals Scored: 8

Find out what Ronnie Johnsen is doing now


Alan Wright

Premier League Appearances: 305

Goals Scored: 5

Find out what Alan Wright is doing now


Kevin Richardson

Premier League Appearances: 207

Goals Scored: 7

Find out what Kevin Richardson is doing now


Olof Mellberg

Premier League Appearances: 232

Goals Scored: 8

Find out what Olof Mellberg is doing now


George Boateng

Premier League Appearances: 384

Goals Scored: 17

Find out what George Boateng is doing now


Steve Stone

Premier League Appearances: 263

Goals Scored: 25

Find out what Steve Stone is doing now


Ray Houghton

Premier League Appearances: 105

Goals Scored: 8

Find out what Ray Houghton is doing now


Dwight Yorke

Premier League Appearances: 375

Goals Scored: 123

Find out what Dwight Yorke is doing now


Paul Merson

Premier League Appearances: 280

Goals Scored: 46

Find out what Paul Merson is doing now


Ian Taylor

Premier League Appearances: 247

Goals Scored: 29

Find out what Ian Taylor is doing now


Earl Barrett

Premier League Appearances: 195

Goals Scored: 1

Find out what Earl Barrett is doing now


Paul McGrath

Premier League Appearances: 166

Goals Scored: 6

Find out what Paul McGrath is doing now


Dion Dublin

Premier League Appearances: 312

Goals Scored: 111

Find out what Dion Dublin is doing now


Lee Hendrie

Premier League Appearances: 251

Goals Scored: 27

Find out what Lee Hendrie is doing now


Gavin McCann

Premier League Appearances: 301

Goals Scored: 12

Find out what Gavin McCann is doing now


Premier League Appearances: 123

Goals Scored: 38

Find out what John Carew is doing now


Ugo Ehiogu

Premier League Appearances: 355

Goals Scored: 19

Find out what Ugo Ehiogu is doing now


Premier League Appearances: 196

Goals Scored: 45

Find out what Dean Saunders is doing now


Nolberto Solano

Premier League Appearances: 302

Goals Scored: 49

Find out what Nolberto Solano is doing now


Premier League Appearances: 144

Goals Scored: 19

Find out what Garry Parker is doing now


Premier League Appearances: 75

Goals Scored: 4

Find out what Steve Froggatt is doing now


Mark Draper

Premier League Appearances: 183

Goals Scored: 13

Find out what Mark Draper is doing now


Andy Townsend

Premier League Appearances: 215

Goals Scored: 13

Find out what Andy Townsend is doing now


Premier League Appearances: 185

Goals Scored: 9

Find out what Stiliyan Petrov is doing now


Simon Grayson

Premier League Appearances: 118

Goals Scored: 0

Find out what Simon Grayson is doing now


Stan Collymore

Premier League Appearances: 163

Goals Scored: 62

Find out what Stan Collymore is doing now


Darius Vassell

Premier League Appearances: 265

Goals Scored: 52

Find out what Darius Vassell is doing now


Dalian Atkinson

Premier League Appearances: 73

Goals Scored: 22

Find out what Dalian Atkinson is doing now


Julian Joachim

Premier League Appearances: 156

Goals Scored: 42

Find out what Julian Joachim is doing now


Emile Heskey

Premier League Appearances: 516

Goals Scored: 110

Find out what Emile Heskey is doing now

Aston Villa Premier League Statistics

This table shows the players who have made the most Premier League appearances for Aston Villa and who has scored the most goals for Aston Villa in the Premier League (info correct as of 17/05/16).

Top EPL GoalscorersGoalsMost EPL AppearancesGames
Gabby Agbonlahor73Gareth Barry365
Dwight Yorke60Gabby Agbonlahor315
Dion Dublin51Alan Wright260
Juan Pablo Angel44Lee Hendrie251
Christian Benteke42Steve Staunton244
Gareth Barry41Ian Taylor233
Julian Joachim39Olof Mellberg232
Dean Saunders39Ugo Ehiogu229
John Carew37Gareth Southgate191
Darius Vassell35Stiliyan Petrov185

Statistics provided by Statbunker